**BEHIND THE WHEEL UPDATE- Thank you for an awesome and VERY busy summer! We are booked through the month of August. 

We are currently scheduling from September on.

** Office staff will have off the week of September 9-13th, 2019. Thanks to the entire staff team for putting in so many hours during the summer months!

 We truly appreciate you!

 No Phone Calls, Emails, Testing, or Certificates will be answered/given during this time.

Thanks for your patience :) 

Behind the Wheel for Teens & Adults:

Adult Behind the Wheel: NEW!

We are now able to license adult drivers, as long as the adult has completed the 36 hour classroom program through an approved driving school. The price is $310.00 for office pick up. If pick up from another location is needed, a fee will be charged.

Teen Behind the Wheel for Under 19 Years of Age!

Requirement completed before behind the wheel:

  • 45 hours of behind- the- wheel with a parent/guardian
  • 36 hours of a Virginia approved Driver's Education Class
  • Held learner's permit for the required (9) nine months


In-car skills include basic maneuvers, defensive driving techniques, and road driving in a variety of environments. To pass the behind the wheel part of Driver's Education the student needs to complete all and pass the performance criteria for each lesson. Once the student has completed both the requirements above and behind the wheel, A Better Choice Driving School will process and transmit all paperwork and drivers licenses to the DMV of VA. Your student will receive a 180 day temporary drivers license. During the 180 day period, you will receive a post card from your county court on when you will need to appear at the "New License Driver's Ceremony". Your student will receive their hard copy drivers license on this day.

Price-$245.00, includes pick-up service from Mechanicsville or Chesterfield office. We do not pick students up from home, unless it is
a private lesson.

Dates Available- please E-mail [email protected] to book your spot. Deposits must be made to confirm spots

What to bring on the day you start-

Driver's education classroom certificate

45 hour driving log

Photo copy of the front side of learner's permit

Remaining balance owed (No Credit Cards for Remaining Balance)

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Chesterfield Location:

*** Please understand the website is not updated after every booking. Email us only with questions. If you are wanting to book, only contact us by phone, 804.869.6503. An email WILL NOT hold a spot. You must call in and pay deposit in order to book/confirm a spot. Thanks!

Pick up and Drop Off Address- Rockwood Office Park, 9509 Hull Street Road;

N. Chesterfield, VA 23236

*** Summer Hours for Behind the Wheel ***

June 18th- August 31st

1:00-2:30, 2:30-4:00, 4:00-5:30

**Closed Memorial Day & 4th of July

***Fall, Winter, Spring Hours for Behind the Wheel ***

After School 3:30-5:00pm, 5:00-6:30pm

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Mechanicsville Location:

*** Please understand that the website is not updated after every booking. Email us only with questions. If you are wanting to book, only contact us by phone, 804.869.6503. An email WILL NOT hold a spot. You must call in and pay deposit in order to book/confirm a spot. Thanks!

Pick up address- 9245 Shady Grove Road; Mechanicsville, VA 23116

Drop off address- Atlee High School, Lee Davis High School, Hanover High School (homeschooled students or students from another school, please contact the office for drop off location)

*** Summer Hours for Behind the Wheel***

June 22nd - August 28th

9:00-10:30, 10:30-12:00, 12:00-1:30

***Fall, Winter, Spring Hours for Behind the Wheel ***

Before School 6:45am-8:25am

After School 3:30-5:00pm, 5:00-6:30pm

Please e-mail us parents name, child's name, contact number, date you choose and we will get back with you to confirm spots. Spots will be given in the order of received e-mails.

Teens and Adults- Private Driving Instruction, Ages 15 & Up! (Learner's permit required)

**Students nineteen years old and above may hold their learner’s permit for

thirty days in lieu of completing a driver education program.**


We are proud to offer one-on-one driving lessons to new driving customers (teens or adults). The lessons you purchase will focus on your exact needs behind the wheel. Need tips to pass the DMV driving test? No problem! Never been on the highway? Easy! No matter your struggles,
we will have the solution.

Scheduling is flexible to accommodate your individual lifestyle, Monday- Friday. We generally book our lessons 1 hour at a time, but will make arrangements if you would prefer a different time frame.

Prices: $310.00 for 5 days/1 hour each day, with pick-up service from our Mechanicsville office or Chesterfield office location. (If you need pick-up services from another location or home, a fee will be charged per mile/ per day traveled.)

Dates Available: Please call or email us [email protected] to book a spot.

Mechanicsville privates are available for one hour anytime between 9AM-12PM

Chesterfield privates are available for one hour from 1:00-2:00PM

** If needing the full 45 hours driving for a teen requirement, please call the office for availability and pricing.**

Pricing for the 45 hours of training is 45 hours x $50.00 an hour = $2250.00. This price includes pick-up service within ONLY a 10 mile distance from the office. Additional fees will be charged for each mile over 10.

Have more questions? Call us at 804.869.6503

**We do not teach courses CDL related!**